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Admissions Policy

MIS has designed the admissions policy to make sure that students are appropriately placed so that those admitted have a higher probability of success in their overall learning experience. To be able to comply with its mission statement, the School ensures that it admits students that meet the following criteria provided there is space available for the grades applied for:

Age Criteria:

For prospective students wanting admission in KG 1, KG 2 or grade 1, age is the primary criteria on which basis the child may apply for admission, as set by the Ministry of Education.


Age (As of 31 December of that academic year)

KG 1


KG 2




Documentation Criteria:

For admissions in to the remaining grades, grade 2 to grade 12, it is mandatory to submit the following (apart from other documents mentioned further below) based on which a student’s eligibility to apply for admission is considered:

1. Pass certificate of the last grade level

2. Pass certificate for the last two grades for registration in Grade 11 and Grade 12

3. Transfer certificate for students applying for registration during the academic year.

Required documentation for all Applicants:

1. Completed application form.

2. Student passport (2 copies with valid UAE residence visa). Original passport should be presented.

3. Sponsor/Guardian passport (2 copies with a valid UAE residence visa)

4. Student Birth Certificate (2 copies in either English or Arabic). The original should be presented.

5. Recent passport size photos (6 copies)

6. 2 copies of the Nationality ID (family book) for U.A.E. nationals.

7. Student school report from previous school (if applicable) for 2 previous years (1 copy)

8. Immunization records (1 copy)

9. Application fee (Dh 500) deductible from school fees once child is admitted.

10. Continuation of Studies Certificate from the current school and second term report card.

11. Before summer vacation, an attested transfer certificate and final report card from the previous school should be submitted.

Transfer Certificate Attestation:

1. If issued from any of the U.A.E. emirates (other than Sharjah) – should be attested from that Emirate’s educational zone.

2. If issued from any of the GCC countries – should be attested from the Ministry of Education of the country the certificate was issued at.

3. If issued from USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/Western Europe – an original certificate with the previous class stated clearly, sealed by the school stamp and issued in or translated to English or Arabic (the translation should be legally attested).

4. All other countries – an original certificate sealed by the school stamp, issued in or translated to English or Arabic language (the translation should be legally attested) and attested from the Ministry of Education, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then the UAE embassy in that country.

Academic Skills Criteria:

KG 1 and KG 2:

1. The child and the parents are called in for a meeting with the Primary School psychologist to determine the child’s readiness for school.

2. The child should be toilet trained.

3. The child should be able to express his needs.

Grades 1 to 12:

1. The applicant must have an interview with the teacher leaders at the grade level that admission is required.

2. The applicants must submit Report cards from previous school(s). If theaverage mark in their previous school is less than 80%, a placement exam in English and Math is taken by the applicant. The minimum passing grade for the entrance exam is 60%

3. Students registering for Grade 12 British need to have passed five IGCSE subjects.

4. Students with severe, complex or specialized educational needs may not be admitted as MIS will not be able to fulfil their needs. Mild specialized educational needs will be assessed during the initial diagnostic test followed by formative assessments, if the interviewer feels the need to further evaluate a student’s learning abilities. Admission of the child will be determined both upon the diagnostic test and feedback from the interviewing panel.

5. An application received during the middle of the School Year is thoroughly investigated to determine the reason for admission requirement at such a time.

Medical Information:

1. Information regarding allergies, special medical conditions, etc.

2. Up to date contact details and telephone numbers for both parents/ guardians, and an emergency back-up phone number.

The school administration is the final authority in deciding the admission of the applicant in his/her interest and that of the school.