Dear Parent , ... ... The school needs the original emirates ID of your son/ daughter to update its SPEA ‘s student portal data. ... ... Regards MIS


*A bus service is provided for a limited number of students at an additional cost.

*Its emphasis is on safety, comfort and appropriate supervision while in transit.

*All buses have up-to-date vehicle maintenance and safety checks done.
*They will carry first-aid kits and have operational air conditioning.

*They will be complaint with any applicable transportation laws of the UAE.  

Rules For Proper Bus Conduct

*All matters relating to buses should be directed to the Bus Manager.

*Section Supervisors or Heads of Sections may be contacted.

*Parents need to inform the administration in writing by 12:15 pm if a student is not taking the bus on a particular day, so as not to delay the bus or cause safety or security related problems.

*Parents should inform the Head of Section also if students are being collected by a parent or guardian, and sign when they collect.

*The school does not accept any responsibility for any other arrangements made by parents.

*We appreciate the co-operation and good behavior of students in our buses.

*We appreciate your support in helping us to maintain safe conditions.

*All MIS students are representatives of the school and must behave in an appropriate manner especially while on the bus.

*All students are expected to respect and adhere to bus rules .